Melasma – What Makes It Worse?

What Makes Melasma Worse?

Here’s what to avoid if you don’t want your melasma to get worse.

1.  Sun of course, and don’t forget UVA comes through the window glass in your car, home and office.

2.  Estrogens in any form such as oral contraceptives for sure, and any post-menopausal hormone replacement can make it worse.

3.  Pregancy, especially if you had it with your last pregnancy.

4.  Any product or procedure that causes inflammation in the skin can make melasma worse. For example, let’s say you see your doctor and are prescribed Triluma, a combination hydroquinone, low potency steroid and tretinoin (Vit A), and instead of getting better like most do, you get worse!! The reason you’re getting worse is that something in the cream (usually the hydroquinone but can be other ingredients) is causing an irritant or low grade allergic reaction. Stop the cream and call you doctor for an appointment.

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