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What do you recommend for crepey skin?

What do you recommend for crepey skin?

I love that you ask this because many women/men have this complaint, especially around the eyes and on the neck. I’d like us to understand this problem better so here...
What is causing my flaky skin? Dandruff or something else? Dr. Irwin answers on SkinTour

Why is my skin flaky and dry?

This flaky skin problem can often be solved without a doctor’s visit.  But, if it persists, see your doctor! Three main causes of flaky skin on the face and body:...
How to exfoliate intelligently - by Dr. Irwin on SkinTour

How to Exfoliate Intelligently

A couple weeks ago I wrote a Tip on the truth about exfoliation. Here are some things to help you exfoliate intelligently. There isn’t a “formula” because we all have different...
Odd filler complication with Sculptra - gooey nose. Dr. Irwin answers your skin questions on SkinTour.com

Unusual filler complication with Sculptra – gooey nose

Yikes! This sounds very unpleasant, not a previously reported filler complication to my knowledge, and concerning. In my opinion, here’s how to proceed with this filler complication: Contact your doctor who injected...
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