Common Botox Mistakes

Watch Dr. Irwin's short video on Botox/Dysport mistakes and how to fix them
  • Common Botox mistake #1 = Too much Botox (over Botoxing)
  • Common Botox mistake #2= Eyelid droop (eyebrow droop / heavy eyelid)

Things to remember after a Botox mistake:

  • Remember it is temporary!
  • Call the doctor who injected it, they will try and fix it
  • Avoid places with discounts, in malls or medi-spas
  • Find an expert injector, they might be able to fix the mistake

Learn more about Botox mistakes from Dermatologist Dr. Irwin:

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Video Transcription 

Dr. Brandith Irwin
Welcome to SkinTour. I’m Dr. Brandith Irwin and our goal is to provide you with expert, unbiased skincare information. This segment is on Botox mistakes.  So the first thing I want to let you know is that Botox mistakes are always temporary. So that’s a good thing. If you’ve gone somewhere and you’ve had a bad result, it will go away. It always goes away because it will wear off.  Now sometimes the bad news is that sometimes that can take three to six months. So the first thing to do is not panic. Remember that is will go away and call the doctor who administered the Botox. Which brings me to a good point. Which is that it is really important to find an expert injector to do your Botox in the first place. The problem with going to MediSpas for malls, or places where there is minimal training and minimal supervision of personnel is that if there is a mistake or a problem, they really don’t know how to fix it.

That’s why my office and the offices of other expert injectors around the country, we get so many calls about what to do about a Botox mistake. Because so many of the people injecting out there really don’t know how to fix things.  So I think it really helps to do your homework in the first place. Take your time and find someone who’s an expert in your area before you decide to jump. That way if you have a problem chances are they can help you through that for sure or even fix the mistake. So let me talk to you about a couple of things that are the most common mistakes. In my opinion, the most common botox mistake is over botoxing. I call it the Oscar night freeze. So that you see these people all over the place, everywhere, in every big city and some small ones now where their faces don’t move.  I tell my patients the goal with Botox is no wrinkles, not no movement. A teenagers face has no wrinkles, but their face moves. So an expert injector is much more likely to be able to get you a natural look where your face will move, but your wrinkles will be gone or much improved. And again, let’s face it if we’re over forty our wrinkles will probably never to completely gone but they you know they can be much better. I think the thing to do is remember that you want-in my opinion we want a natural look. We don’t want something that looks fake.

The second thing is, so that is the most common mistake in my opinion. The second biggest mistake is that many people will call from other offices and say oh you know I have an eyelid droop. And so usually what it is, it’s not really a droopy eyelid it’s a droopy eyebrow. And that makes the eyelid feel heavy and it looks droopy because there is more hooding or skin on that upper lid that’s visible. That really isn’t a droopy eyelid. There are a few cases were that eyelid does droop and it’s really hard to open the eye all the way. That’s a different problem from a droopy eyebrow, where the eyebrow itself has come down.  So and again there are lots of ways to um help with that. Sometimes it can be fixed, sometimes it just- we can make it look better while the botox is wearing off. So the take home message is please call your doctor. Call the person who did your Botox first. Allow them the opportunity to fix that for you or to at least make it look better while it’s wearing off. I think that’s very important. And also please see our site on botox mistakes, there are lots of other ones and they are listed on our site. Enjoy your time on SkinTour.

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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