IPL Photofacial Laser Demo

View this video to see a demonstration of an IPL or Photorejuvenation laser skin treatment.

The IPL is a laser cousin (actually it’s an intense pulsed light device).  The IPL or photorejuvenation lasers treat age spots, brown spots, red skin, and other color issues caused mostly by sun damage.

Note that this demonstration is edited and does not attempt to convey all aspects of a treatment, such as consultation, informed consent, pre-treatment processes, and post-treatment care and communication. We have posted this subject to our Terms of Use.

Link to Guide to IPL Photorejuvenation Laser Skin Treatment for Age Spots, Red Skin, and More

Video Transcription:

Dr. Irwin: Hi, I’m Dr. Brandith Irwin at Madison Skin and Laser Center in Seattle, Washington. I’m filming this today for our website, skintour.com our website S-K-I-N-T-O-U-R.COM. And, I’d like to introduce you to everyone this morning. This is Wendy, who has agreed to be here. And this is Diane Schumaker RN a laser nurse specialist. Our intent today is to show you how lasers work because I found that many people are really frightened of lasers and they really don’t know what to expect when they schedule a laser treatment. So, we’re trying to just give you an idea of what to expect so that you will feel comfortable if you ever decide to get a laser treatment. So, the first treatment that we’re doing today is called an IPL and, or photo rejuvenation. And that name is really attached to that machine and there’s a number of other companies that make IPL machines. What is the difference between laser and an IPL? Really, a laser is just a light source. A light source that is tuned to one wave length. An IPL is really, a blend of light, and it’s light that is blended much in the way that wine is blended. So, instead of having one varietal – exactly one type of grape in that wine, you have a lot of different grapes in a blended wine. And it’s the same thing with an IPL. I sometimes will call it a laser cousin. Because that’s really closely related. There are a lot of things today that are off-camera – that you’re really not going to see today. But, I just want you to know that, really, there’s a whole process that goes ahead of this, so that when you come in, we would talk to you for example about, what the lasers do, what to expect, what they can do, what they can’t do, what the risks are – all of those things, so that you’re really well informed before you would ever start a laser treatment.

So, Wendy’s had that done already, so we’re just not showing that on camera today. Eye shields are very important because, there are lasers that can cause blindness and other serious damage to your eyes, if the eye shields aren’t appropriate. So, a good laser center will always use eye shields, and it’s important that the eye shield be the correct kind. This type, which completely blocks the light is good for the vast majority of laser treatments. At this point, we’re about to start the laser treatment. Wendy’s comfortable and she’s had the gel put on her face – her eye shields are on. I’m just going to sit down, so I can be comfortable too. And as an operator, this kind of laser is not particularly dangerous but still, eye shields are always a good thing to wear.

So, we’re just gonna go ahead and go across. How are you doing with that?

Wendy: it feels fine.

Dr. Irwin: Just so you know, we’ve done treatments on Wendy before. If she were a brand-new patient we might do a test area and then see how she did with the test area – watch how that develops for a minute or two to decide on the energy level. But with Wendy, we kinda know already what energies she does well with. That’s why I’m just starting it. How are you doing with that Wendy?

Wendy: It’s fine.

Dr. Irwin: Feels ok?

Wendy: Yeah.

Dr. Irwin: Ok, I’m just going to go ahead and move – I’ll come back and go the other direction on Wendy afterwards but for this final just go down on the cheek did you show you that little bit too.

So you can see on Wendy. She obviously has great skin to start with. SO what we’re improving is – she has very few areas that need to be improved, but you kind of see over on these sides especially, where the areas where she had some light brown spots and some blood vessels have become a little bit more prominent with the treatment. That will usually go down in a few hours or as I said, if it’s a brown spot on the face, it takes a week or 10 days to really resolve.

I’m signing off now. I’m Dr. Brandith Irwin. I’m a board certified dermatologist in Seattle, Washington at Madison skin and laser center. And this is our website skintour.com. The resource section on our website has a lot more information on laser treatments and a directory of good dermatologists throughout the country.

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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