A Botox problem trying to lift my nose!!

Unfortunately I had my very first Botox disaster About four days ago. While I was attempting to get non surgical rhinoplasty done my doctor instead urged that I get Botox injected in the nasal columnella as to weaken the muscles around my nose and let my nose achieve some sort of lift. I was excited to try this however I am only 20 and I didn't know that Botox is not reversible. In my nose has completely changed over these four days and yesterday I could see the peak of change while the rest of my swelling has gone down today. I don't like the way it looks at all and i was wondering how long it will take for these negative alterations to dissipate. Just a little background he said he injected about 15 units but he diluted it quite a bit since he's known for being careful with the needle. He said somewhere around 0.3 ccs? I am very very active with a decently high metabolism as well. Thanks so much!! Your blog is amazingly helpful and reassuring.

I’m glad you wrote because Botox is being used now for all sorts of things and this may help others avoid problems.    More here on readers Q&A on Botox/Dysport problems. 

The standard dilution for Botox (not Dysport) is 2.5 cc of sterile saline per vial.  If it’s diluted more than that it tends to diffuse (travel)  slightly more in the skin.  If it’s diluted less than that, it diffuses slightly less.   Experts often have their favorite dilution but most common is between 1-3 cc per vial.    The units per cc will be different depending on the dilution (ok this may be more math than many of you want).

So…. if he used about 15 units, that’s not a large dose – thankfully in your case.  The whole issue is also affected by exactly which muscles he injected and how big they are.   A small amount will last longer in a small muscle than a large muscle.  Hope that makes sense.

To reassure you, it should wear off over the next 1-3 months, but……it’s very important to go talk to your doctor, explain the problem and find out his/her projection.   Only he/she knows exactly where it was injected.  I also know that can feel like a very long time, so hang in there!

Hope this helps,  Dr. I

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