A follow up on a problem with an IPL treatment!

Dear Dr I, I took your advise and went back to the doctor who did my IPL and left me with brown/black marks on my face for 10 days!!!! I still have dark spots on my face a month later and he says it\'s just a matter of time and he will do a peel once a week to speed up the process. I didn\'t like that answer and went for a second opinion. The 2nd doc said to wait about a month and do a lime light treatment. I got a 3rd opinion who recommended to do another IPL treatment with a lower setting to break up the pigmentation he says is stuck right below the surface. Needless to say, I still value your opinion over a computer than these other people. I know it\'s hard without seeing me but any suggestions you have I will use to help make a better decision. I\'m hispanic, 37 yrs old and had good skin with the exception of some sun spots that led me to the horrible IPL treatment. I still have the sun spots plus alot more brown blotches:( Thanks for your time.

I’m impressed because this is a really tough situation and you’re doing such a great job being proactive about it.  Kudos to you!

I’m guessing, hoping that they all went over the basics of sunscreening, estrogens, etc. with you at your visits.  Please see the answer I wrote today about melasma – all the basics apply to your situation too. 

I would avoid another IPL right now.  I understand what he’s saying but it’s too risky for you right now, in my opinion, given the complication you just had.  It’s true though that, with lower settings, you may do fine with it in the future.

Light peels like the Illuminize or Vitalize have been shown to improve pigment faster in a situation like this.  BUT……, in my opinion, once a week is too frequent.  Once a MONTH would be safer. Also, please don’t let anyone do regular “glycolic” peels.  If they are left on too long, you could end up with another complication.  The reason I recommend the ones above is that they are self neutralizing which makes complications less likely. 

Also, if you tolerate Triluma, in my opinion, you should be on that for the next 3 months and then stop it. It will help the pigment to resolve faster while you are doing the peels.   I hope this helps.  Dr. I

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