A question regarding the new product Belotero (Merck) – a filler.

Dear Dr. irwin, I recently had Belotero put on the top of my cheeks on top of the orbital bone but not above it, now I have puffiness and eye bags where I did not have them before is it because it attacts so much water to this area that it should not be used arounf the eye area for some people? and can I have undereye thermage to tighten this area ?

Belotero is new to the United States but not Europe, and is made by the German company, Merck.  It is a hyaluronic acid product and, in that sense, is most similar to Restylane or Juvederm but after that the similarity ends.

It is placed very different in the skin and is best for very fine lines and areas where the ability to work just under the surface of the skin is advantageous.  Or, where a very subtle effect is needed.  Also, it has the advantage of NOT causing the tindall effect which is that bluish discoloration that you sometimes see under the skin with Juvederm if it’s placed too superficially.

So to answer your question, it’s really difficult to know without seeing you.  All hyaluronic acid fillers attract water into the skin but some more than others.   It really depends on how much product was placed and where exactly it was placed. 

Bottom line – since you didn’t get a good result, please call your dermatologist and he/she should be able to fix this for you!   Dr. I

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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