Acne Spots and Sunscreens

Hello. Thank you for this site. I've had acne and pitted acne scar/pigmentation issues my whole life. Currently, Ive finally gone back to a dermatologist to see if I can try something new. I'm on what is triluna essentially (6% hydrocortisone/.5% retin a/kojic acid/cortisone temporarily and so far I feel like Im seeing more spots. I feel this has to do with my sunscreen application. Even though I use a physical blocker and reapply every 2 hours, I made the mistake initially of using a sunscreen that get deactivated when also used with mineral makeup. (no one ever told me.) I refer to your site quite a bit and I think I'll buy the color science powder and the 48 sunscreen and layer every day but, wouldnt this mean that i'd have to wash my face every 2 hours in order to reapply the new layer of sunscreen and powder sunscreen?

Okay –  these are good questions.  First of all, no one and I repeat no one should have to reapply sunscreen every two hours unless you’re a professional surfer and you are spending all your time in the water being pounded by waves!!! 

Sometimes the application of too much suncreen can aggravate acne and sometimes it can even aggravate that annoying pigment after the acne (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) IF an ingredient in the sunscreen is irritating you.    If you have an indoor job, applying sunscreen in the morning is plenty.   I tell my patients to apply it a second time in the afternoon only if they are outdoors a lot or have a long commute home with light streaming in on the driver’s side.

Definately go back to your dermatologist if you are getting worse.  Occasionally Triluma can cause irritation which could make you worse.

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