After a filler treatment that doesn’t look right, when is it a good time to go back for a correction??

I recently received Juvederm on 9-14-16 in my lips and around my mouth. I still have some bumps on my lips. Is this normal? The frown lines around my mouth are lopsided. Is it okay to go back in and get this remedied or is it too soon after my first injection. It will be three weeks since my original injection. Thank you so much, Catherine

A filler treatment can be a bit variable from doctor to doctor but it has to do, in my opinion, with the length of time it takes for the filler and botox/dysport to stop fluctuating.  All these products can have a small amount of movement to them for the first 7-10 days. Here’s why.

Onset time varies per filler treatment

Botox/Dysport have different times to onset the full effect.

Dysport takes effect a little faster – usually 3-5 days. Botox a little more slowly at 5-8 days. I still hear doctors and patients debating which one lasts longer. Most of the science supports that they are approximately the same in terms of how long they last.

The hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane etc., are gels and they have differing amounts of stiffness (G prime) to them depending on the molecular weight of the tiny particles and the cross-linking of those molecules. And they absorb a little water (hydration) from your surrounding tissue once they are placed. Your facial muscles as they move, mold the gel a tiny bit in a nice, natural way to YOUR facial contours.

Sculptra develops over three months so it’s a little different. Please never use permanent fillers like Artefill  – see why here. Radiesse is being used less and it is less pliable.

Bottom line

Wait about 7-10 days for all these products to “mature” and then call your doctor if you look lopsided or there are bumps.  BUT ….IF YOU HAVE A PAINFUL, VERY LARGE OR ODD LOOKING BRUISE OR DISCOLORATION, CALL YOUR DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY.

Hope this helps,  Dr. I

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