Are there options for hair loss besides wigs and scarves?

Recently you had a query about dry and frizzy hair. Have you any tips to remedy thinning hair other than wigs and scarves? There have been some "sure fire herbal remedies" advertised on the web that "promise" to make hair grow back healthier and thicker—the main ingredient saw palmetto. What is your advice?

Well ….. on the saw palmetto, in my opinion, you’d be wasting your money.  The web is full of miracle cures for all sorts of things like hair loss, weight loss, penis size, etc.  They really profit from people’s fears and misfortunes which is, I think, not ethical. 

However, there are some good options other than wigs and scarves!!  I’m going to assume though that you’ve had a full medical workup by your dermatologist to make sure you don’t have a medical cause for hair loss.  These are too numerous to mention here, but can include causes like thyroid problems, autoimmune diseases like lupus, severe iron deficiency, etc.  

I also really recommend an organization called the Hair Club  –  go to  They will give you a full range of options, including all the great hair weaving techniques available now.  They are generally excellent.   Dr. I

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