Botox around the eyes – I’m having a problem!

Hi Dr. Irwin, Your site is incredibly informative and your answers leave me feeling relieved. So, my question is this: I have received 14 units of Botox for my 11's 3 times over the past 6 months. A week ago was my third visit and this time I had my Dr. treat my crows feet. He used 16 units total. My right eye area looks fine and feels normal. My left area feels swollen and there a pressure around my eye that I understand could be a strange feeling due to the weakening of the muscles. I'm fairly certain he injected improperly on this side. I have a little bit of the chipmunk cheek effect when I smile and it looks odd. Of course I've been panicked about this and probably overthinking it but I am worried that there might be damage or is this a normal sensation that will diminish over time? I definitely will not be using Botox around my eyes ever again. Thank you, Mary

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So to reassure you, this will wear off. Usually if the Botox is being done for the first time in an area, and not too much was used, it will wear off in 2-3 months. Botox lasts longer with repeat visits up to a certain point (maximum usually about 4-6 months). This is because you are retraining the overactive muscle group to relax and it’s slightly weaker.


If the left side is swollen or puffy, please be sure you report this to your doctor and they may need to see you to check it. A “pressure feeling” is sometimes the result of excess fluid accumulation due to slightly less lymphatic drainage because the muscle action around the eye is less. Muscle action improves lymphatic drainage, in general. Again though, please report this to your doctor!


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