Bumps on the face – what are these???

Through the years I have developed hard, white blemishes with a crater in the center of them. Can you explain what these are and how I can avoid them from spreading. They started on the center of my forehead and I'm now getting some on the area of the face below the cheekline adjacent to my mouth.

Okay so my mantra still is to see your dermatologist because no one should self diagnose these, since some skin cancers can look very similar to benign bumps. Learn more information about moles, lumps, and bumps on your skin.

Generally, people with oilier skin types will tend to have enlarged oil glands (sebaceous hyperplasia). These usually accumulate slowly and the number increases as we age.  They are most common in the “T-zone” area but can occur anywhere. The small indent in the middle is usually where the pore itself releases oil onto the skin and the yellowish/whitish build up around the pore is the little glands proliferating. Needless to say and many people feel, after a number of these develop, that they are unsightly.

Unfortunately, since they are linked to oil production and oil production is genetically controlled through hormones, it’s difficult to prevent them. Anything that makes you less oily tends to help control (but not eliminate) the development of these. There are a number of different options for treatment but none of the options are perfect.  See your dermatologist for more of an in-depth analysis.

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