Can fillers like Restylane/Juvederm be used if I have an artificial hip, pig heart valve, knee, etc?

I have an aortic valve replacement (cow valve). The question is that if I can use restylane injections in the nasolabial area and if it is safe for my cow valve without getting an infection. Thanks so much.

In good clinics, before fillers are injected, the skin is first cleansed of makeup and then the skin is sterilized with alcohol or other sterilizing agents. If you have any replacement parts (and many people do now), please make sure this gets done first. If the skin is sterile, then there’s this type of injection with hyaluronic acids and is generally very safe in terms of infection risks. Learn more about hyaluronic acids like Restylane and Juvederm for anti aging skin care.


There have been more problems with infections and certain types of abcesses with the hyaluronic acid fillers that are more cheaply manufactured and available in Europe, South America, Asia, etc. Some of these fillers have caused considerable harm due to faulty manufacturing processes. This is one reason I really recommend staying with reputable companies with a long track record of safety like those making Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero, even though they are more expensive. The small savings is not worth the safety risk, in my opinion.


Also, never let someone inject filler through the mucosa of the mouth. This was being done for awhile in some clinics and is just asking for infection because there are so many bacteria in the mouth!


Hope this helps,  Dr. B I


Read Dr. Irwin’s Guide to Restylane and Juvederm.



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