Combining fillers: Can Sculptra be used with Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane or other hyaluronic acid fillers?

I have had 3 sculptra treatments and will start the maintenance of 1 per year, starting in June. Can I do the Sculptra treatment and also Juviderm or another cheek filler to enhance it a little bit more, since the Sculptra takes a little while to kick in. Is this safe to do?

Good question!   Confusion reigns about which fillers can be combined in the same treatment and what can’t. There is almost no science on this, so my opinions are based on a lot of experience, and talking to my colleagues about combining fillers.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers in the U.S include the Juvederm family, including Voluma, the Restylane family, a few others not as commonly used. There are many others in this HA category in Europe, Canada, Asia, etc. These are general guidelines for combining fillers like these, and experts sometimes differ on some of these:

When is it OK use multiple fillers at the same time?


  • It’s fine to do Sculptra and an HA filler, on the same day,  if used in different parts of the face.  For example, using Sculptra in the area around the temples, and then Juvederm in the lower face.
  • Generally, it’s not advised to do Sculptra and HAs in the same area at the same visit.
  • Consider waiting 2-4 weeks in between, if using Sculptra and HAs  in the same area like the cheek.
  • More on Sculptra here.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers:

  • Generally, it’s safe to use different ones in the same areas on the same day.  For example, one HA filler put in deeper, and a different HA filler layered on top, in the same area.
  • Problems or more bruising can arise when too much is put in an area.  Caution advised on this front. More on how to avoid bruising from fillers here.


  • It’s not advisable to use Radiesse with others in the same area on the same day.
  • Consider waiting 2-4 weeks before retreating the same area with an HA filler. Experts only, please.
  • Not advisable to layer Sculptra in the same area over this product ever.

Artefill, Bellafill and Silicone (permanent plastic beads or silicone)

  • These products are NOT advised under any circumstance.
  • They may cause permanent deformities, scars, and late reactions of large, red bumps that can’t be removed.
  • More on why I am absolutely against permanent injectables here.

Hope this helps, Dr. I


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