Could the filler I had injected disappear in two weeks?

I previously had filler in the nose to mouth lines after 2weeks it completely disappeared, after going back to the provider they said my body had absorbed the filler. They repeated the procedure and it happened again, I didn't return because the pain was intense during procedure. Have you heard of this before, I do get dehydrated quite a lot

Fillers are not all created equally, especially in Europe and other parts of the world where there are almost 100 hyaluronic acid fillers (not to mention all the other ones) made by various companies, and with many of the products being substandard.  It’s a scarey filler world out there right now, especially outside the U.S.   It makes me thankful for our FDA.

If you had the treatment done in the U.S., do you know what exactly was injected?   It would be very unusual for you to absorb the Restylane or Juvederm family of products that quickly.  Also did you go to a reputable office?   Some links that may help.

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