Does drinking a lot of water really hydrate the skin?

It is another question from Arleene and thank you for being there for all of us. I just read that drinking a lot of water really doesn't help to hydrate the outer skin. The article said taking Evening primrose or borage oil internally and DHA would help. Do you agree. I think I am dehydrated from not getting enough sleep over a long period of time. If I get more sleep will this restore hydration

I think many readers will think this is obvious, but it’s actually not.   Hydration is more complex than you think.   In general, plain water is great for all our organs and helps them to function better.   Certainly better than soft drinks, even “diet,” with too much sugar and too many chemicals.   Fruit juice is only a little better unless it’s really fresh.  And too much coffee can dehydrate.  6-8 glasses of water a day are recommended.

Since skin is an organ, it gets hydrated also.  It’s true that the very outer layer (the “dead”layer called the stratum corneum) doesn’t get hydrated but that’s because it’s getting ready to shed.  Sleep is extremely important for the repair of all organs, including skin.  Also, during sleep, the water in our bodies reequilibrates and the fluid that collects in our legs during the day, flows back when we lie down, to our faces.   Think reversing gravity!

Natural, healthy oils like olive oil, avocado oil, nut oils and many other in small amounts don’t “hydrate” skin but they do supply the oils that are building blocks for the fats naturally present in skin, and help keep it healthy and pliable.  Skin health.

Hope this helps,   Dr. I

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