Avoid Dysport problems! What to look out for when choosing a nurse/doctor

Dr. Irwin, I am writing you because I recently got Dysport because my crows feet were very bad and also my forehead had very, very deep wrinkles because I use much expression when talking. Well, I am mortified because I realized that my injector has just used too much I guess. My eyebrows look weird. My family has noticed it saying that I look "weird". It is like the inner parts are drooping too much and the outer part is up making it look YUCK! This person is reputable in our area having injected for a very long time, but I am so unhappy with my results. I mean my forehead is smooth, of course, but it looks horrible and I am truly so upset. I also have hooded eyes that are aging and now it has made them look SUPER HOODED!! Do you have any advice, please? Do you have a solution that people do for Dysport problems? Obviously, I cannot "undo" the injections, but maybe a temporary fix until it goes away? Also, how can I help my forehead without having this problem? My forehead has such deep lines..in fact, this injector told me that they were so ugly he could not look at them. He said that he usually does the crows feet first, but he could not even look at my forehead any longer, so he did it first. I think he put so much in there that I may be frozen up for 6 years!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am concerned though that there is nothing I can ever do for this problem without looking "weird". I just want to look more youthful without looking like Joan Rivers, no offense, but I think you understand what I mean. Please help if you can. Thank you so very much! Respectfully, Cori

My heart goes out to you on this also. This is NOT the experience you want to have when trying to improve something. Here’s a place to start: find a different doctor/nurse, and ask the new doctor/nurse to correct this. It really can be improved, even in the short term. It may just take a few drops of the Dysport in the right places. This is not irreversible. Take courage :). Start interviewing new offices in your area. See who you feel most confident and comfortable with to fix your Dysport problems.

Dysport problems: what to look out for in your administering nurse/doctor

  1. When a doctor/nurse insults your appearance. We are ALL beautiful in our own unique ways. And thank God we don’t all look alike. How boring would that be? I have never seen an ugly woman or man; Unless it’s something about their character or way of being in the world that is making them ugly. Gotta confess I’m thinking Trump here. So, RUN out of the room if anyone says something that is making you feel diminished. How can someone help you feel more beautiful and empowered, if they can’t see your intrinsic beauty?
  2. When a doctor/nurse can’t answer at least most of your questions intelligently. Sometimes providers are pressed for time. I’ve been there too. But that’s different than someone who just doesn’t seem to know the answers to most questions. It’s not a good sign if they just don’t know about Dysport or have trouble communicating what they know.
  3.  When the staff seems angry or tense with each other. For any medical procedure, including getting Dysport or aesthetic treatments, you want everyone there to be focused on getting you the best treatment possible. If there is tension or strife that’s visible in the exam room, it’s less likely to happen. Just like a performer puts their own cold, pain, etc aside to make sure the show goes on. So should medical care providers. We need to put aside our personal concerns to focus on you.
  4.  When there is sales pressure, or “bait and switch.” Good doctors and nurses really want their patients well educated because it makes for better outcomes. You can’t be educated well if you’re being pressured to make a decision before you’ve had time to think. Ideally, no procedures are done on the day of the consult, so you can fully absorb the information and ask questions. Run out the door if you come for a treatment and are pressured to do something more expensive.

Botox and Dysport are often over done. These muscles really do not require the dose that many practitioners put in. Ask any new provider to do a very conservative treatment the first time, until you get used to their technique. Botox remains one of your best options for forehead lines. So don’t let this bad Dysport experience put you off forever. You can see the similarities and differences between Botox and Dysport here. You might really like the results from the right treatment amount / the right nurse/doctor.

Hope this helps,  Dr. I

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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