Facial oils are all the rage……….should I be using one?

I have very acne prone skin and was wondering what type of face oils would be best for my skin? I stick to face creams with low amount of oils now because all of the face oils that I've tried were too concentrated and broke me out. I've tried coconut, sesame seed, and rice bran oil and they all destroyed my skin. I have sensitive dry skin, can be combination at times.

Okay ……..can I just be really to the point here on facial oils?     If you have acne prone or oily skin………….there is NO reason to use a facial oil, in my opinion.   In fact, you have TOO much oil already.

You want to reduce your oil which is largely controlled by hormones and genes.   You don’t necessarily need to use super drying everything either though.   But you do want to use moisturzers which are oil-free gels like this one, or products that say noncomedogenic (means won’t make acne worse).

Also, all your products should be designed for acne prone skin.  Here are some examples, but there are other good ones.   You absolutely need products whether prescription or not that help to keep the pores unplugged, the inflammation down, oil down and bacterial counts down.    If you acne is cystic or you are getting scarring, please see a dermatologist!

Hope this helps with your question on facial oils and acne prone skin,  Dr. I

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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