Dear readers – I’m hearing about LOTS of filler problems around the eye area

I had a Voluma injected in my temples and a tiny amount at the corner of my eyes by the cheek bone. The right eye had a visible bump which my dermotologist used Vitrase to remove and most of it went down immediately but there is swelling under the eye area that wasn't injected. Could this be from the filler moving? Do I need more Vitrase?

On this issue of filler problems around the eye, I want to say that even for experts, treating around the eye area with a hyaluronic acid filler is tricky and often difficult to get a really good cosmetic result.  Also, please remember, this area is off-label only  and should really only be done by experts.

There have been about 45 cases of blindness in one eye reported world wide with the non expert use of filler in the temples and around the eyes.   About half of those cases involved fat transplantation and the other half hyaluronic acid fillers or radiesse.  To my knowledge, there has only been one reported case with Sculptra.   PLEASE BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHO YOU LET INJECT IN THE TEMPLES AND AROUND THE EYES.

Here’s why it’s difficult:

  • Everyone has a slightly different shape of their orbital (the bony rim around the eyes) area – one size fits all doesn‘t work
  • The skin is thinner here on everyone and some people VERY thin, making it hard to hide the filler
  • After the filler has been injected, the muscles of the eye area which are very active (Botox can help with this though), can push the filler into different areas by the muscle action on it
  • It’s not safe to work too close to the tear duct near the nose and that’s often what bothers people
  • Different fillers attract water (hydration) differently and can cause the area to look different morning to night

I’m not saying to absolutely not do it, but experts only.  And have realistic expectations that it may take several visits and adjustment for your doctor to get done well for you.  Plastic surgery is also an alternative but has it’s own risks.

Hope this helps with these filler problems around the eye,

Dr. Irwin

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