How can you tell which foods are triggering rosacea?

How can you tell which foods are triggering your rosacea? How long does it take to see a reaction from a certain food? Is it within minutes or hours? thank you

Rosacea triggered by foods can be totally confusing. Some rosacea activators are immediate. Examples might be your friend who drinks red wine and flushes immediately almost the same color. Immediate flushing with a food or beverage usually is a sign that it’s a trigger for you.

Rosacea activators

Other rosacea activators are more gradual -usually over a period of 2-3 days.  For example, if I drink certain red wines I’m usually fine with 1 glass rarely.   But……..if I try to drink a glass of that wine 3 nights in a row, I’ll usually have a flare …… I just don’t drink much – especially red wine.   Soy is another food that triggers my rosacea for some reason.

One way to narrow it down is to keep a food journal. Get your rosacea under good control first, then try adding foods in several days in a row to see if they trigger you. You can also do an “elimination” diet where you keep you diet very simple for about a week.  They try adding foods back in one at a time at least several days apart.   Also, look into “anti-inflammation” diets.

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