Help with confusion about anti-aging skincare products!

Good afternoon! I am finally switching my "when I see my name in print, I want to read Amy, comma, 39" (I turn 40 in two months...) face over to more/mostly medical grade skincare. My doctors got me on the TNS Essential, and just introduced me to SkinBetter LINES, because my forehead is showing my "road rage" lol. I want a Vitamin C that is medical grade, but haven't found one I like and I am trying to find something to work around my eyes, because frankly, I have been piling on the concealer and color corrector for at least 30 years now, because I cannot stand seeing my dark circles, and I am scared shitless of the idea of fillers and lasers there, even though is probably my only real option to deal with those suckers. (Troughs and really dark in general, all my life.) I have used Differin, Tazorac, Retin A, and now Veltin, off and on for a while, subbing in some 5% something from the Ordinary. Nothing with regularity since my teens and twenties, because they eat my face off. I also use some Amlactin on my cheeks to fix KP. My biggest issue lately, is that I am VIOLENTLY allergic to Castor Oil and Lanolin, and both are popping up EVERYWHERE. You've listed some amazing products here, and I am kind of confused as to how to make the ones I have work with the suggestions! How can I find some solid anti-aging products that won't eat my face off, and won't give me a major reaction at the same time?

Ok ….you are really funny. Have you thought about doing comedy? NOT being ironic here. 🙂 Here’s the path out of the anti-aging skincare products forest:

First, define the goal of your skincare products!

I’m hearing you say……and apologies for sounding like a therapist…..that you want a solid, non toxic (won’t eat your face off), skincare regimen that will make a difference over time in your sun damage (forehead road rage lol) and improve your eye area. And skincare products that don’t contain castor oil and lanolin (also goes by the name wool wax alcohol).

Am I close at least??

Get your basics in place first, and experiment later.  Here’s how:

Start new products one at a time about 4-7 days apart!
  • Find a good basic cleanser to use morning and night. Decide first if you like foamy or creamy. It should NOT strip oil off your face. Here are a few to try. Eminence Organic Lemon Cleanser (creamy) and  SkinMedica Facial Cleanser (foamy). There are others in the shop.
  • Next find a moisturizer you like – here’s one that lighter for skin prone to clogging.
  • Next a daily sunscreen. If you want to use on your face neck and chest, don’t buy the tinted. I use a tinted one on my face and a non tinted on my neck and chest. These have 18% zinc which are the best, cosmetically excellent sunscreens we can find. Link to all sunscreens in the shop.

More improvements:

Remember to use a new skincare product regimen for 3-6 months before you decide.  If you get irritated, stop the product!
  • Use the TNS (growth factors) you bought under your moisturizer at night
  • Eye cream to try for dark circles.
  • This retinol is gentle enough to use every night and will help with your keratosis pilaris (KP) on your face. At night, order is cleanse, TNS, Retinol, and then moisture if you need it.
  • Medical grade Vitamin C – Have you tried the SkinCeuticals 10 AOX. Start with the lower 10% and then go up if you tolerate it well.

Hope this helps!!

Dr. I

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