How can I get rid of smile lines? I have hispanic skin.

Hi Dr Irwin I have hispanic skin Im 32 years old and I have smile lines that I want to get rid of I've heard of fillers but I really want to do a treatment that has longer results like laser I heard that fraxel is the best for any tipe of skin would the laser would get rid of smile lines? I also went to a place and I bought a package of 5 skin tightenings they said that It will improve my smile lines I really don't know what to do. I also wanted to know if the fraxel laser would also be good to improve the apperance of old white stretch marks in my tipe of skin Thanks

Okay –  so I think you bring up some good issues. It’s critically important to understand first why you have the smile lines. Do these same smile lines tend to run in your family in the same areas and are the lines just where your face creases when you smile?  If so, then the line is being created by the action of your facial muscles on your skin and the Fraxel and the skin tightening will likely do very little for you.  

If you are heavier and you think the lines are coming from your cheek volume being fairly high, then you might see a little bit of result from the gentle tightening technology. But remember it won’t be dramatic, it’s subtle. Filler still is probably the best way to go.

If your lines are truly related to sun damage, or you are very low body weight, you could  try to Fraxel or skin tighening first but, even in this situation, it’s still not my first choice for smile lines at age 32.  

I know what you mean about wanting something more permanent and totally want that too but I also don’t want you to waste a lot of time and money on things that may not help you much. In my opinion a filler would be better and I’m guessing since you’re 32 that 1 syringe every 6-9 months would be plenty.   Dr. I 

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