How can I reduce fine lines and sun damage around the lips and mouth?

How would you address fine lies and sun damage around the mouth? I'm 57 and they seem to be getting worse by the day.I don't really trust lasers and I also have sensitive skin. I use tns essential serum and revalie night cream right now. Thank you!

I’m glad you are thinking about what to do now because this is a complex area where there (unfortunately) isn’t just one solution.   But first of all, I’m going to assume that you’re preventing further sun damage by using a daily sunscreen with 10% zinc and making sure you have something on your lips with an SPF most of the time.  Try the Bobbi Brown SPF 15 lip gloss if you like a little  color or use it over a lipstick. A chapstick or gloss with sunscreen is fine too.

Also unfortunately, there is no product (creams, lotions, etc) that can repair these lines once they already exist.  I think you’ve probably already figured that out by trying different creams and not seeing much difference.    And, if you are 57, the lines are probably the result of 3 things – sun damage, movement of the muscles around the mouth (watch when you sip through a straw or chew gum), and gradual loss of fat pads and bone through aging.

Results for this area are obtained by addressing each of these separately in a sense but you will get the best result if you do all three.

  1. Natural l00king (this is the tricky part for some doctors/nurses) volume replacement in and around the lips with Juvederm or Restylane (best choices for this area at this writing in the U.S.) for the lines themselves and underlying support.  More info here. 
  2. Using peels (superficial ones don’t do much) or lasers especially the Fraxel or fractionated CO2 like the Deka DOT are best.  More info here.
  3. Botox/Dysport – a tiny amount to reduce the muscle action of pursing just a little without interfering with any other function.  Also tricky for some providers so experts only please.

Hope this helps!   Dr. I

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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