How do I construct a great skin care regimen?

Hi Dr. I!I have a question regarding skin care products. I am such a fan that I have aquired the products you use and recommend to see what works for me. I guess at this point I have become a little neurotic/obsessed with my skin as I see the changes that I know are inevitable. So, how much is too much??? This is what I am doing right now. Night time: Obagi Nu-derm (hydroquionone 4%) for the brown spots, TNS Recovery Complex, Eye cream, Revaleskin Night Cream, and a moisturizing lotion (dry skin).Day Time is much harder for me to figure out. Obagi Nu-derm (hydroquionone 4%) for the brown spots, TNS Recovery Complex, Eye cream,SkinMedica Vitamin C & E, Moisturizer (Dry skin), Zincclear Sunscreen and I am trying to figure out if I can add a firming/wrinkle filler for the slight wrinkles that are NEW ON my cheeks and then Makeup (foundation, blush, lipstick)!!!!I\'m almost 40 and my skin has become dry, a few brown spots and NEW (very noticeable to me) wrinkles under the eyes and cheeks. Do the products work as well piled on??? I was told I should use a \"treatment\" type product such as \"Perricone Md\" face firming activator and/or \"Substiane\" (La Roche-Posay). There is just so much. I know a lot of it is trial and error and I know everyone is different. I apoligize for this \"book\" I have written in trying to ask you for your advise and what is too much product and if am I going over board if I throw in an extra wrinkle filler or two in my daily regimen??? Thank you for your time and for this website.

Whoa!!   This is way too much so let’s simplify and get back to basics a bit.  Here’s what I’d recommend:

AM   cleanse, Vit C & E (your antioxidant), eye cream, spot treat your brown spots with the Nu-derm, then change to a moisturing sunscreen (2 steps in 1) like the SkinCeuticals Active with the Mexoryl.

PM  cleanse,  TNS Recovery (your cell growth factors), eye cream, moisturize and then wait 5-10 minute, pea sized amount of Renova (your vitamin A cream).    You won’t get irritated with the Renova if you do it this way and it will do more for your wrinkles and sundamage than anything else.  (Skip the Nu-Derm at night)

 Use this regimen or something close to it for 3 months as long as you’re doing well with it to give it a fair chance.  At the end of 3 months, you  can, for example, substitute the Revaleskin (coffeeberry) for the Vit C & E for 2-3 months and see if you get even more improvement. 

 The idea is to start with a great basic regimen, use it for 3 months, then change 1 product at a time (for 2-3 months) to see if you can improve it even a little more.

Remember though that ALL PRODUCTS ARE LIMITED!!  At a certain point you will need lasers or injectibles if you want to address certain issues inherent to our sun damage and aging.  Dr. I



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