How do I sort out which laser is the right one? I’m in my mid 30s.

I don't have all the money in the world so I can't afford to do everything. However, if I should choose just a couple of lasers for wrinkles and overall appearance, what are the best ones. My doctors office just started offering Pearl Fractional, but there are so many different lasers, my head spins. What is the best types of lasers and specifically what are the best names of lasers for wrinkles. I'm in my mid 30s.

I think a lot of people  have the same “my head is spinning” problem on this.  There’s so much marketing and not a lot of good, real information.

Here’s how to start.  First, what kind of wrinkles do you have.  If you have those ‘elevens’ on your forehead  making you look frowny – a laser won’t solve that.  A few crow’s feet?  Botox might be better. Are the wrinkles bothering you caused by an over active muscle group?   If the answer is yes, you want Botox or filler, not a laser.

Second, are your wrinkles pretty deep and is your sun damage more than your peers?  If so, then think more about a series of fractional lasers like the Fraxel or 1-2 carbon dioxide laser treatments.  The Pearl Fractional is made by Cutera and is more similiar to a Fraxel than a CO2.  The results and risks of all lasers depend knowledge and experiernce of the person operating the system. 

Thirdly, because you’re in your 30s, if you really just have a few  fine wrinkles and not much sun damage, think more about lower risk, lower downtime lasers like 1 or 2 light Fraxels, a light  erbium laser or just doing a series of 3 medium beta hydroxy peels like the Vitalize.  Hope this helps.  Dr. I

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