How do you know when a skincare product is causing a problem?

LOVE your site and can't thank u enough!! FACT OR MYTH??? Can it take up to 3 months for you to breakout from a cosmetic product if u used it only once? Example: you tried a new foundation for one day and never used it again. Can You breakout 3 months later from that product. I've read that sometimes it takes 3 months for the breakout to come to the top layer and show it's face. But man that means you try a new product and 3 months later your face could explode? What do you think?

How DO you know?   I love your question because it’s not always simple is it?   Part of the problem with figuring this out is that…..sometimes events occur together in time but aren’t actually linked.    Let’s say maybe you get a horrible headache after talking to a family member ……does that mean that the family member caused the headache?   Or was it sore  muscles in your neck?  Or maybe, something you ate or your period?   I’m sure you see what I mean.

To answer some of your questions:

  • Using a product once can‘t cause you to break out three months later;
  • Most true allergic reactions to skincare products show up within hours or a few days;
  • Most irritant reactions to skincare products show up within days to a week or two;
  • Most products that aggravate acne will do so within days to a month or so;
  • Remember that with acne – it may NOT be the product – it may be your where you are in your hormonal cycle (usually about a week before a period for women);
  • It takes about 30-90 days to see if a product is working for you, depending on the problem;

More on product problems and hope this helps!  Dr. I

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