Rosacea food triggers, prevention, and prescriptions.

Hi, my skin has start to develop Rosacea, its getting worse rapidly. I wonder, is there anything to do to prevent Rosacea to come out of control other than know and avoid triggers and use mild non irritating skincare +sunscreen ? Does antibiotics help just for pustles and acne like rosacea ore can i take that now to prevent my skin from getting there? I really want to stop this process in my skin now while its slighly red and stinging and not whait til it gets worse.

Rosacea –  what is it anyway?

It’s an  adult onset acne that is often preceded by flushing, broken capillaries (telangectasias), and then pustules, bumps (papules) and swelling of the nose and cheek near the nose.   There are some variations that like different locations like the chin.  It can be mild, moderate or quite severe!!   More on rosacea.

Rosacea food triggers and prevention

Let’s start with prevention because there’s clearly a connection with rosacea and the gut and what you’re eating. First add a good quality probiotic to your diet daily and start keep a food log of which foods “trigger” you. You’ll know because usually you’ll flare up in minutes to about 48 hours.

You have to eliminate your rosacea food triggers sadly!!   One of my patients loves red wine and he can’t bear to stop drinking it completely but…….it triggers him every time. Not sure what’s triggering your rosacea? Sometimes you can tell if you get immediate flushing after you eat something. Other triggers take more time to manifest. So wait till your rosacea is under control, then slowly watch what you eat to try and isolate the offender. Keep a journal to help you remember. Here’s another blog I wrote on figuring out what triggers your rosacea.

Prescription options

Then see your dermatologist for topical, prescription therapy and possibly a 2-3 month course of a low dose oral antibiotic.  The goal is though to eventually get off the oral antibiotic (or not use it all all), and keep it under control through diet and  topicals.  Lasers are helpful too but that’s another topic.

Hope this helps,   Dr. I


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