How to tell a high quality IPL/Photorejuvenation treatment from one that isn’t.

Hello Dr. I am receiving IPL treatment on my legs, the women kept applying the same gel over my legs, didn't use fresh one from the bottle, is this right? also she did my legs in 10 minutes now that can't be right, because when I went for my face treatment at this different place, she applied fresh gel and she did every section of my face and it took her 15 minutes. Can you please send me some facts I could take to this place so I can get my money worth and the right treatment please. Thank you.

You raise a good point.  How DO you tell if the treatment is good quality?  Often, especially at spas, because the laser industry sells different machines to them usually, the problem is that the IPL itself doesn’t have enough power, or the nurse or “tech” doesn’t have enough training. 

I don’t recommend going back to them with this though.  It’s not a good sign -EVER – if you have to try to educate them.  Please find a better clinic.

Here are some tips:

  • You should be able to see visible results with almost every treatment after 1-3 weeks have passed.  The exception is when you are getting to the end of a series or you skin is close to perfect, you won’t see as much result because there isn’t very much for the laser to do;
  • A great treatment will “layer” the filters so that area is actually being gone over with different filters 2-4 times, unless you are just spot treating (usually not a great option with IPLs), and yes – doing your legs – should take longer than 10 minutes.
  • You get good pre-laser and post-laser written and verbal instructions from your provider;
  • The gel can be moved around and it won’t change the treatment, but fresh gel is nicer because it’s often cooler.   Also, the thickness of the gel does matter to a certain extent.  Ideally, there is a thin, even layer over the skin – not lumpy, thicker areas – to facilitate even absorption of the laser energy.

Hope this helps,  Dr. I


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