Hyperpigmentation and Addisons. Can you be your own web doctor for skin issues?

Hello, if the hyperpigmentation is because of Addison's disease, so which blood test you usually order for confirming addison's disease?

Dear Readers –  Well ………we’ve all tried it and how successful has it been usually?    I would say generally not very ……..unless it’s a fairly simple matter like……..how long do stitches usually need to stay in.   And even that varies depending on the situation.   Using the web to inform makes sense, butnot diagnosing and treating actual diseases.

In this question, if you get on the web and look up what can cause pigment problems, Addison’s (a complicated problem of the adrenal gland) will be on the lists.   It is difficult to diagnose correctly, can’t be diagnosed from just a list of symptoms and usually needs an endocrinologist, in addition to a dermatologist.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s a good idea not to be your own web doctor:

1)     We can’t be objective about ourselves.  Even for doctors, it is strongly advised that we not be our OWN doctor.   It’s because when we are emotionally involved we tend to over do or under do  medical things.

2)     Web doctoring creates a lot of unnecessary anxiety – so many patients come in needlessly terrified over something that they’ve read on the web.

3)     Misinformation – be very skeptical, especially about person anecdotes which are so prevalent on some sites.   While we can sometimes learn from other’s experience, there is often a LOT left out and you don’t really know what actually occurred.

Hope this helps and please see your doctor on this one!   Dr. I

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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