I’m 27 – why is Botox not working for me?

I am 27 years old and have had botox done for my crow's feet and glabellar lines 3 times to date. I was however not satisfied with the results, and I have even noticed that the lines around my left eye have actually grown deeper since I started treatment. I would like to know what is the normal dose for a patient of my age and what is the highest recommended dose that should not be exceeded per eye. Thank you for taking the time to look into my query.

You raise an interesting question.   At age 27, I’m guessing you really don’t have actual frown lines or crow’s feet but maybe just a hint of them when your face makes certain movements.  There really are very few people who, at age 27, have actual wrinkles.  Most people in there 20s come in seeking treatment for the movement in their faces – not wrinkles.  There are a few exceptions. 

So, you’re right,  I would vote for NOT starting Botox until you are older, at least over 30, because the goal is no wrinkles, not no movement.  It can make some young people look worse due to relaxation of muscles that don’t need to be relaxed –  it just looks saggy!  Also Botox is, at the end of the day, artistic.  There is no standard dose for a certain age in a certain area.  

As for the ‘prevention’ issue.  Some people never develop a frown line or even many crow’s feet.  Why prevent something you may not ever even have?   I would vote for treating actual problems early, but at least waiting until they actually begin!  Hope that makes sense. My article on Botox Mistakes might also have some more relevant info for you. Dr. I

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