Is Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix – PRPFM for you?

When Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix PRFM is used as an alternative to under eye filler is it placed over or under the fat pad of the eye? Is it placed on top of the orbital bone like traditional fillers? How many treatments is necessary to get a result? How long does it last?

Part 1 of 2 on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in skin

Platelet Rich Plasma has been used for years in Orthopedics, and interestingly, in veterinary medicine. Tendons and ligaments are directly injected to speed the healing of injuries. Remarkable results, in some cases, have been reported. Professional athletes are well aware of this technique. Because veterinary medicine has less strict requirements for use than we have for humans, it is used more in animals. Activated platelets in our own serum causes these effects. If you look on the web, you’ll see anecdotes and stories from people about how painful it is. PRP, the 1.0 version, was painful. Most importantly, several companies now have figured out how to produce better results now AND less discomfort. We call it “PRP 2.0” or PRPFM. The platelets are suspended on a microscopic calcium lattice, which is the key. Activated platelets on this lattice live longer, up to a week… as opposed to just hours. Better results and less pain!

Positives to consider

  • It’s your own blood that is spun and injected so it’s natural. As long as your blood isn’t mixed up with someone else!! This has happened. It’s best if your blood is drawn and spun down in the centrifuge in the same room where you are. PRP is unlikely to harm you.
  • For mild to moderate male pattern hair loss in both males and females the results can be quite remarkable, IF prepared and injected correctly. Full results take 6-8 months to see with a series of 3.
  • For the tear trough area, it can be injected to create a younger texture. Experts ONLY around the eyes please. It’s a dangerous area.
  • Only doctors, mid levels (PAs & ARNP), and RN can legally inject into the skin in the U.S.  Hence, make sure your provider is legal!!

Negatives to consider

  • You may be wasting your time and money, if your center doesn’t know how to do the procedure properly.
  • Your body may just NOT respond to this. There are a lot of variables, including your own body chemistry, and any one of them can cause a treatment failure.
  • The science on this is still relatively new. There is a lot we don’t know and all side effects may not be known.

In answer to your last three questions, different centers use different protocols, so please ask your dermatologist which protocol they are using. Placement around the eye area ALWAYS depends on your individual anatomy. This is an FDA off-label use. Experts only please!

In the next one, I’ll talk more about specific areas.

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