Is sunscreen really needed if I’m at home?

Hi Dr Irwin, I love your blog! So I understand the importance of wearing sunscreen with zinc in it everyday, especially if using retinol, but what if I'm just at home? I do wear it if I'm going to work or running errands but would I really need to slather on sunscreen if I'm in my house all day? Thanks!

Well…… here’s the thing … might think no, but it really depends on where you’re working at home.    If you’re outside or near windows, then yes.   Window glass in homes and cars blocks UVB wavelengths but not UVA.  So you’re getting UVA at home and in the car if you are near a window.

It’s not a ton of UVA, but that small amount multiplied by 365 days a year starts to add up, over years.  Maybe it’s best to just get in the habit of putting in on every morning.   And… zinc is the only sunscreen ingredient that blocks UVA through the whole range of UVA.  Zinc containing sunscreens. 

Hope this helps,  Dr. I

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