Is there a way to counter sagging in Asian skin?

dear dr irwin i am asian, 45 years old. i am looking for something to counter the sagging that all asians get (as opposed to caucasian skin, which is more prone to wrinkles). What product do you suggest? my regimen includes vit c in the morning and retin a in evening. other than that, moisturizer and sunscreen are my staples. thanks, frances

I hear what you’re saying and I’d like you to think about a balloon.   A balloon generally  losess it’s shape and sags because it loses air/volume.   For an aging face, the same is true –  sagging occurs mostly due to volume loss in the bone, fat and deep skin layer (dermis).    Wrinkling occurs when both volume loss and sun/environmental damage to the outer layer layer (the epidermis) occurs.  This is why caucasians (especially redheads) have so much trouble with wrinkling due to much less natural protection in their skin.  Everyone though, loses volume as we age.

There is no cream, lotion or gel on the market today that can replace volume loss.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use good products   – you should – it just means that they will keep your epidermis hydrated, protected from the sun, reduce pigment problems and improve texture, and retinoids help prevent skin cancer.   All good reasons to use a good product regimen as you are.   

It’s not realistic though to expect them to correct sagging –  to do that nonsurgically you have to tighten the outer layer and add volume underneath.   Or, look at surgical options.   I just don’t want you to waste your time on money if it won’t get you where you want to go!!

 Hope this helps,   Dr. I

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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