Treating facial redness in men without affecting beard hair

For men who would like to reduce facial redness, what are the most effective ways to do so without reduction of facial hair with use of IPL, for example? I have redness on my cheeks and have been told by an esthetician I have Keritosis Pilaris (redness on my cheeks, minor flaky looking skin on my forehead occasionally and small bumps on the back of my arms, otherwise, I have a normal skin type) Are there lasers that men can use without it halting the growth of facial hair? Thanks

Glad you asked this. There are two main strategies for this. Clearly many men would like to reduce their facial redness (“veins” which are really dilated capillaries), and improve the appearance on or around their noses. Beards are back in and men don’t want the hair disturbed. So what’s the solution?

Option 1:

The IPL can be used and the beard area avoided. The nurse or doctor should mark the beard area to be preserved clearly with a marking pen with you and a mirror. Once you agree on the area to be treated, make sure a photo is taken so everyone remembers. Then the IPL can be used (again, make sure the beard avoided). For more about IPLs, how they work, and what results you can expect, read my in-depth guide on it here.

Option 2:

Or, perhaps even better in this situation, a Candela VBeam or other pulsed dye laser can be used (wavelength at or close to 595 nm). The veins and facial redness will be treated with that. In this situation too, agreement with a mirror, marking, and a photo is a good idea. That wavelength tends to not affect hair as much.

Hope this helps,  Dr. I

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