Microcannulas for injections – are they really better??

Have been hearing about the micro cannula for use in facial injections. There is supposed to be less bruising and swelling and has the ability of covering more area with less injections. Wanted to know what you thought. Also heard about the thermage CPT. Do you recommend this? Do yu see good results.

These are all the "rage" now in dermatology and I think they will end up in the long run, having some important but limited uses.    Bruising can still occur and so can swelling.  Also, they facilitate larger deposits of product but that isn’t always a good thing if you want more subtle, natural looking work done.   Most of the work I’ve seen done with these in lips, looks awful, in my opinion.   I think over time, we will sort out more what the microcannulas actually do better than the amazing array of needles – many very tiny – that we use now. 

  Dr. I

 PS – The term microneedling or microrollers is different and refers to a  technology that uses very fine needles, usually on mounted on rollers.   

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