Redness on or around the base of your nose.

I have redness, especially on my nose. What product would you recommend? Thank you

Here’s the frustrating part: No skincare product really makes a permanent difference. Why? The nose redness is caused by dilated blood vessels. There are a few skin care products that make the nose look less red; but this effect is always temporary because the blood vessels just constrict (close down) for a few hours or so. Often, when they open back up again, it looks as bad, if not worse than before.

Here’s what NOT to use for nose redness:

  • Cortisone creams –  these make it look temporarily better so a few times a MONTH is fine. If you use these more than that, they actually feed these vessels and cause more of them!
  • Scrubs –  these are just irritating to blood vessels.
  • Glycolics, beta hydroxys, Retin A, other retinoids – will generally make red areas redder. The one exception (study done in last several years) showed that for controlled  (not in a flare up ) rosacea patients and retinoids did not make the rosacea worse, and were beneficial to use.
  • Oral steroids –  often make this look temporarily better but then it’s back with a vengence as soon as stopped.
  • Oral antibiotics –  they may control the pustules sometimes associated with rosacea, but often the redness isn’t better.
  • Other prescription creams like Biafine and Mirvase – these may work temporarily, but it then often flares up again.

Here’s what does work for nose redness:

  • Understanding and avoiding dietary triggers. These can be very individual and tricky. My rosacea is very under control. But if I eat soy or drink certain red wines, it flares up and I flush. Certain green teas make me flush. You get the idea. Avoid any food or alcohol that makes you flush. It helps to keep a food log in the beginning. We really are individuals.  🙂
  • Gentle lasers. We use both the VBeam (for the veins) and the IPL (a powerful one) for the flushing at my practice. It depends on the person. If you’re not getting the results from an IPL after 3 treatments, it usually means that either the nurse doesn’t really know how to customize the settings, or the IPL doesn’t have enough power. There is a huge range in IPLs. VBeams are more standardized.  Technicians, in my opinion, don’t have enough training to do well with these lasers. Here’s a guide to finding a good doctor or laser center.

Hope this helps with your nose redness,   Dr. I


Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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