Over “Botoxing” – The forehead muscles and Botox/Dysport/Xeomin.

I have had botox injections for the last 10 years. am only 46yrs old and I have noticed vertical lines going through my eyebrows. This looks awful and some of them seem a little deep. I am trying to let the botox wear off and am really disturbed at how many muscles seem to be showing up at different angles on my forehead. I have waves all over vertical and horizontally. It has been 3 months since my last injection. Will my muscles go back into a more normal position and how long before this may happen, or am I looking at perminent damage? I am considering going to a plastic surgeon to see if there is an easier way to correct this through proper injections and slowly wear off the botox. Please any info you can give would help maybe ease my anxiety over this.

To reassure you, sometimes it’s a great idea to just let it wear off completely, and then reassess the need for it.   While it’s wearing off in the 3-6 month period, there may be odd looking muscle action, but it’s temporary.  Not all the muscles are the same size, had exactly the same amount injected into them, or wear off at exactly the same time. 

As you know, Botox is temporary, but the relaxed muscles get smaller because they are not “exercising.”   As you go longer, the muscles will slowly get stronger again and your forehead will start to look more like it did pre-Botox. 

Once it’s worn off, you can reasses what your goals with it are.  Remember that young faces have movement but no wrinkles …….so isn’t getting as close to that as possible the goal?  Movement but no wrinkles.   I often think that less is more with Botox and smaller amounts strategically placed look more natural to my eye.  Over “Botoxing” rarely creates a face that looks younger or natural.

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