Small permanent bumps on face; Sebaceous hyperplasia

What is your favorite method to get rid of sebaceous hyperplasias? I do not want dents on face or red marks left that linger. I use SPF 50 daily. Exfoliate and do peels regularly also, these just keep appearing. Electric cautery in past for a few, now I have a lot on forehead. Please help me decide. Thank you.

Getting rid of these small permanent bumps on face (sebaceous hyperplasia)

Okay……….so first of all…….PLEASE do not self diagnose these small permanent bumps on face from photos on the web.  We’ve seen a number of patients who have come in with this self-diagnosis who actually had various skin cancers!   Make sure that at least your primary care doctor or a dermatologist have looked at these.

Skin Care Treatment of the Face

Skin Care Treatment of the Face

Plastic surgeons?  Do not count on this – they have  zero training in skin diseases.   Just to give you an example, one of my doctor (not a derm) friends had been seeing her plastic surgeon regularly and telling him which “moles” to take off.   Meanwhile they both missed the melanoma on her arm – thankfully caught in time.

Assuming that you DO have sebaceous hyperplasia, then there is honestly no way to remove (or flatten) these without having a red spot there for approximately a month.  In my opinion, generally the best way to remove these is still use either a CO2 laser (doctor must be an expert at this), or to use electrocautery (small electric pen) with a tiny currette or comedone extractor to try to remove the deep oil/coil at the base at the same time.   Again …..this takes experience to do with no scarring or dents!

You cannot have electrocautery done if you have a pacemaker!   Doing an IPL treatment approximately 2 weeks after this treatment might hasten the resolution of the red spots that come from treating these small permanent bumps on face.

Hope this helps,  Dr. Irwin

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