Too much Botox??? My face looks horrible after a Botox treatment.

Hi Dr. Irwin, About a month ago I had dysport injected, 60 units in my grabella, 45 units around my crows feet and 12 units under my eyebrows. I wanted a mini eyebrow look effect, I'm only 24 years old. Not only does my face look worse now, without a raise due to I'm assuming the 60 units placed in the grabella, but when I smile I look hideous. My nose now has hideous wrinkles when I smile and some parts of my nose specifically the left top part looks like it burgles. I've had a previous rhinoplasty, not sure if that has to do with anything. Is there anything I can do to make this go away? And will it ever go away?? I am so regretful for ever touching my face and am afraid i will be stuck looking like this.

My heart goes out to you on this.   First of all ……..let me reassure you, this WILL wear off and your face will slowly go back to normal.    The bad news is that, if you have the accurate units above……….this may take awhile ……..some months.   Please try to forgive yourself because it wasn’t ANYTHING THAT YOU DID, you just found a questionable injector…….if those doses are correct.    That dosing is WAY too much for most faces and certainly for a 24 year old.  Sometimes trying some electrostimulation facials for a few sessions  may help it wear off a little faster – but no data on this.   Find a good provider.

SOOOOOOO……..can we talk about age and Botox??    In my opinion, almost no one under the age of 30 NEEDS Botox.   This whole idea that you or anyone should start in the 20s to prevent is an industry scam.  Many women NEVER develop certain problems with  their faces…….so why spend the time and money over many years, to prevent what you may never have.  Under the age of 30, 3 drops of it (more like 10-20 units) might be fine, if there’s truly a groove there, everyone in the family has it ……..and even then twice a year should be plenty.   The goal is no frown groove, NOT no movement.

Secondly, there are some very inexperienced, sometimes unethical, and sometimes unintelligent providers out there who can harm you.   Please make sure that anyone injecting is in practice for a long time, experienced and has a solid reputation in your community whether they are a doctor or a nurse (RN).  In my opinion, no one else should be injecting these things…..and definately aestheticians.   Please do your homework before choosing!

In our office, for a female’s face, dosing is generally in the 25-40 unit range.  Males will be more.   Dysport has different dosing.   Remember less is more with Botox – you want a natural effect, in my opinion.   

Hope this helps,  Dr. I

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