What Can I Do About Scars that are Unsightly After a Breast Augmentation?

E-mail Print Share Feb 22, 2010 I HAD BREAST AUGMENTATION (LIFT WITH IMPLANTS) ABOUT 2 YEARS AGO. MY SCARS ARE REALLY BAD. THE DOCTOR HAS BEEN TREATING MY SCARS WITH THE STEROID SHOTS AND THE DIFFERENT LASERS. THE SCARS ARE MUCH SMOOTHER BUT THE REDNESS/BROWN COLORATION IS JUST AS BAD!!! I AM NOT SURE IF THERE IS HOPE FOR THE SCARS TO FADE??? I KNOW TIME IS OF ESSENCE BUT I AM GOING ON TWO AND A HALF YEARS. I AM STILL SO SELF-CONCIOUS/UNCOMFORTABLE THAT I REALLY REGRET DOING IT.ON MY LAST VISIT HE GAVE ME.... WHAT DO YOU THINK I SHOULD DO? I AM THINKING OF GOING TO A DIFFERENT DOCTOR AND I WILL HAVE TO PAY SO I AM AFRAID TO PAY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR THE SAME RESULTS. THE SURGEON HAS NOT BEEN CHARGING FOR THE SCAR TREATMENT PROCESS WHICH IS ABOUT EVERY THREE MONTHS OR SO. WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND I DO? I HAVE BEEN REALLY FRUSTRATED AND WAS HOPING YOU CAN GIVE ME THE DIRECTION I SHOULD GO IN. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WEBSITE. I REALLY FIND IT HELPFUL/INFORMATIVE. ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS YOU RECOMMEND? I would like to try to help you but I need to know exactly which lasers were used, how many treatments for each and about how long in between each treatment. Dr. I I called to ask the laser name and they told me it was the Lime Light Laser. I assumed it was different lasers because the settings varied so I assumed they were diffferent (so they tell me)?? The first year he did the steroid shots every three months or so. The last year and a half he has been doing the laser every 2 months. My appointments have been about every two months and I would say he would do a laser treatment every other time-so a total of 5 treatments. The scars would form a scab (and get very dark) that would take about a month to heal. The last visit he had me buy Skin Ceutical serum 20. I am supposed to apply it twice a day to the scars. What do you think of this product and is there anything you recommend. I am willing to try anything!

I’m glad you wrote again.  I really do think you need a second and maybe even a third opinion for your problem.  If you have medical insurance, your plan will cover the evaluation of scars, especially keloids which are thickened, discolored scars.   Find the two absolute best dermatologists in your area and make medical appointments with both of them.  If you have a dermatologist who has a reputable laser center in your area, he/she would be a good choice.  See our list for different regions on SkinTour.com.   I really can’t tell without seeing you what exactly is happening.  Good Luck!!!   Dr. I

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