What makes those lipstick ruining upper lip lines better?

Is there a product or exercise to get rid of the small little lines around my mouth? These make my lipstick look funny.

There are 5 issues to think about for this area.  But first, what causes these is the constant movement of the lips (so exercises don’t work), sun damage and loss of collagen, fat and bone with aging.  There is no magic wand for upper lip lines, but good options are listed below:

 –  Fillers like Cosmoplast or Juvederm can be used to fill lines and add a little volume back where bone or fat loss has occurred.  Good work should be very subtle  – not bloated or obvious;

 –  Lasers like the carbon dioxide or erbium can give a nice result if blended well with the surrounding skin.  Be prepared for some healing time;

 –  Long wave collagen building lasers that don’t break the skin (so no downtime) can help here but they need to be done in a series, work slowly and are best used with fillers;

 –  A drop or two of Botox on the upper lip can help relax the pursing muscles a little.  Works best for preventing further lines and preservation of fillers.


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