When is it too much Botox causing the problem?

I got Botox six weeks ago. I received 40 units in total for my forehead and 11. I got the "Spock" eyebrows within five days and pulling of the eyelid. Unfortunately I was working out of town and couldn't rectify it for three weeks. I went back and I got two units above each eyebrow on the muscle that seemed to be pulling it. Now it's been six weeks and I have the bags under my eyes, have slightly hooded eyelids, eyes feel heavy, and frozen feeling forehead. now I have a depression line on my right cheek. It seems every day or so something new happens. Will it eventually stop? I'm very unhappy at the moment. Did the depression on cheek occur as a result of weakening the muscles above my eyebrows? Did the Botox migrate? Is it just time now for it to wear off and my face return to normal or will the sunken line of cheek remain and bags under the eyes and more procedures required? I would embrace the lines on my forehead and the "11" if the rest of my face would return to normal.

Okay so………..wow ….. you sound understandably miserable.  First, let me reassure you that this WILL wear off but it will probably take a full 5-7 months given the dose.   Botox doesn’t migrate after the first few hours after injection generally.

You didn’t tell me if you are male or female or your age.   In my opinion, this is a lot (are you sure it’s correct?) of Botox in the forehead if you are female.   And….it’s a very rare male with a very large forehead where this much might be needed.   Generally, the average female in our office would receive approximately half that and sometimes even less in younger patients or patients wanting  movement still in the forehead. 

After it’s been several months, try to activate those muscles daily even when they don’t respond.  Once you start to see movement, get those muscles active again by  activating them several times a day.   It will help to restore your natural face again a little faster.

Hope this helps,  Dr. I


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