Which is better for volume loss in the chin area Sculptra or Radiesse?

DR Irwin, i got your message and will ask my question again. I am 50 years old but have skin that looks more like 40. I do have volume loss in my chin and this shows the marionette lines. I have been using radiasse for this area because I had a bad reaction to restylene. Would sculptra be a better choice for this area? I have had good results with radiasse but do not yet know how long it will last as I had it put in in September and added to it in December.

Everyone’s face is so different that it’s almost impossible to answer without seeing you but some general principles still apply.  Look at your cheek area.  Is volume loss in your cheeks contributing to the marionette lines?   If volume loss in your cheeks is more the problem, then replacing cheek volume with Sculptra may be more effective long term.   Otherwise, one of the Juvederm/Restylane family – like the Juvederm Ultra Plus or the Perlane would be an option for these lines too.  You didn’t say what kind of reaction you had to the Restylane – reactions are quite rare. 

And lastly, Radiesse does not seem to be as consistent in it’s longevity as the marketing would like you to believe.  It’s hard to know at this point how long the two treatments, one in September and one in December, will last for you.  I would hope at least until September 2011.    Hope this helps,  Dr. I

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