Which sun skin care products do I really need when I travel to sunny places and can’t take everything!

When I travel on vacation (usually to sunny places) I always wonder what skincare products to bring and what to leave home. I always bring lots of sunscreen because I have melasma. Do I need to bring my CE Ferulic serum? Eye cream? Are there any great all in one products that would lighten the load? Thanks for your amazing skintour website! Barb

All of you ask such great questions! Thank you for that…..it really helps me also because it makes me more pragmatic :). Here’s what sun skin care products I take when I go on a vacation to sunny places. I’ll also discuss a few things that I only take if I’m close to the equator or snorkling/swimming/paddle boarding, etc. The goal is to keep your skin BEAUTIFUL and healthy and sexy for life! Hey, Jane Fonda is apparently still having sex at 79 –  more power to her.

Skin care Products for Sunny Places – Must Haves:

  •  Suncreen for day time sightseeing/shopping – I use either the Dermaquest SPF 30 (18% zinc) untinted or the Image SPF 30 (18% zinc) because then I can use the same one on face, neck, chest, and hands. If you have room, bring a tinted version of the Dermaquest for your face.  Remember …you don’t care about the SPF as long as it’s 30 or greater because it only refers to UVB and 30 blocks 90-95%.  The zinc is what matters because it covers both UVB and UVA.
  • Hats –  visor/baseball type for certain sports and a full brim (love those floppy ones now) for daytime stuff.
  • Sunscreen – waterproof/sweatproof – for water stuff and sweaty sports. I like the Colorscience powder (has a built in brush) and the SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion but it does have a little tint.   I use a cheaper one like the Costco Coppertone Sport Sunscreen in the big bottles and put the Colorscience Powder over it on the high risk areas like shoulders, chest, thighs etc. The powder with the built in brush is also great for cycling, golfing to reapply. Just blot the sweat with something and brush on. The powder sometimes doesn’t seem like it’s coming out, but once you get the hang of it, it wears like iron through the ocean and sweating. I’ve personally used it for years.

Bonus Products To Consider Bringing:

  • Your antioxidant – like the SkinCeauticals C E Ferrulic or the Phloretin CF (easier to travel with – no glass bottle) or the Dermquest Vitamin C. Why? Because studies show that used once a day (I put it under my sunscreen in the morning) that the antioxidant helps to “augment” the sunscreen by limited damage to skin cell DNA by the UV rays.
  • A soothing moisturizer – to hydrate your skin at night while you sleep. Pick something you love and will travel well. This is a great lightweight, basic moisturizer that minimizes the appearance of pores.
  • A rash guard with full sleeves  –  find some cute ones that you love to wear. I used to call them surfer suits to get my kids to wear them. They protect your beautiful skin better than anything and really save on time and money sunscreening. I usually bring 2. Just throw it over your bikini or one piece.
  • Footless tights. For a lot of snorking or swimming, especially if you have to go midday –   1-2 pairs of the light wear footless  tights.  I just buy the Nordstrom brand for this. How to use? Just slip these on before your swim suit – tights, swim suit, rash guard. Really helps avoid burns on the back of legs and very comfortable.

Hope this helps!  Dr. I

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