White spots on the legs!

Hi Ive had this problem for a while now and its not getting any better. For a long time now (about 8 years) i've have a real insecurity problem about my legs. Now and again, I get white, patchy, spots of skin on my calves and shins and it comes and goes, one minute its there and very noticeable and the next, its completely gone. HELP! When I want to go out and show off my legs, I feel as if I cant because these white patches come up randomly and its embarrassing! I don't no what to do. The patches don't have any different texture or anything compared to the normal parts of skin. It cant be something like vitiligo because it comes up really bad sometimes and then completely disappears?!! Fake tan doesn't cover it at all, even when its covered in the stuff, and plus Im only 17!

Okay –  so I have to respectfully disagree because those white spots on your legs could be vitiligo which is an autoimmune skin disease that can come and go just like you are describing, especially in younger people.   Please see your doctor or dermatologist to get an accurate diagnosis!

In women/men with a lot of sun damage on the legs (usually 17 is too young for this, but not always), the white spots come and stay, as opposed to come and go.   The white spots are due to sun damage.  The UV rays cause the pigment-making cells to malfunction and pigment in the skin starts to clump, which leaves darker spots and whiter spots, rather than an even color. 

Hope this helps,  Dr. I

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