Why do Botox/Dysport/Xeomin related eyelid droop problems resolve quickly?

If botox generally lasts 3-4 months, why can a lid ptosis resolve within 3-6 weeks? Why does it wear off quicker in this area? Thank you for your time, any response would be greatly appreciated.

Glad you asked this.   This answer is that most eyelid droop isn’t really eyelid droop!!!  Most of these are misdiagnosed and are really eyebrow droop caused by over relaxation of the forehead muscles above the eye.  That relaxation causes the brow to droop and creates more hooding which is interpreted as eyelid droop.  Make sense?   True cases of lid ptosis are actually quite rare.

It wears off faster because usually the amount of Botox injected into those forehead muscles was quite small and so it wears off fairly quickly.   If a doctor or nurse injects way too much into the forehead muscles (frontalis muscle), it can last much longer and gives the forehead that unpleasant, very flat, “dead” look. 

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