Fraxel costs. For full face, should run in the $700-1,300 range depending on where you live.
Emeri – maybe I’ll just have to produce one that’s more like the original! Bummed also.
Paul – full face cryo is a terrible idea. Hard to control, prone to complications, many better options available.
Delores – Latisse is a prescription only item. Please see your doctor! :)
Maria with acne scarring. What area of the country do you live in??
Lisa – please have your doctor call our office re Sculptra bumps. I can talk to her/him.
Jan – see new post on why new isn’t better.
Dear severe psoriasis. Please find a large derm group near you and ask about “biologics.”
Dear Cincinnati – usually liquid nitrogen is used to remove precancerous growth, if there aren’t too many.
Sculptra bumps. Please have your doctor call me at our clinic in Seattle, and I’ll talk them through it.