Growth factor serum AQ versus TNS advanced. My opinion, the AQ is more effective. Both are in the shop.
On jade rollers – they don’t work.
Lucy..please see my new skin care regimen in the shop in about a week.
On neck creams. You’re correct, they don’t tighten or fix problems. They just help preserve and prevent further damage.
Fraxel costs. For full face, should run in the $700-1,300 range depending on where you live.
Emeri – maybe I’ll just have to produce one that’s more like the original! Bummed also.
Paul – full face cryo is a terrible idea. Hard to control, prone to complications, many better options available.
Delores – Latisse is a prescription only item. Please see your doctor! :)
Maria with acne scarring. What area of the country do you live in??
Lisa – please have your doctor call our office re Sculptra bumps. I can talk to her/him.