Botox in the lower face. See our Tip of the Week over the next month or so.
New to Skincare. Beth please see the new post upper left. :)
Gentle retinol. Catherine – try the SkinMedica retinol 0.25% in our shop.
Micheal L. Please see the Tips of the Week (TOW) over the next few weeks. :)
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Thermage and Ultherapy over 65. You’ll get maintenance and possibly a little improvement, but not a lift.
True varicose veins – if you have them, see a vein specialist who is usually a vascular surgeon.
CO2 or Fraxel in Austin. Recommend going with the technology they use the most. Fraxel is a good start.
To Kate – on the retinol 0.25. You may be having an irritant reaction to the base cream. Another version may suit you better.
To Amy – next blog is on your product confusion questions! :)