With autoimmune diseases like lupus, stick with hyaluronic acid fillers. These are the safest.
Dr. Siddiqui. Really can’t in good conscience advise you on that. Pl. consider IMCAS India!
Samantha in W. Vir. Please see an endocrinologist (hormone specialist)!! Also consider a gyn.
Gail, persistent flaking on the lips may be a sign of skin cancer, please see an MD!
? re fat around the knees. Coolsculpting is releasing a new adapter head soon for this area. Rec: just wait.
Our Ukraine reader.You really need a live doctor. Maybe help in Amsterdam?
Severe granuloma annulare. Please really consider consulting derm at the Mayo clinic.
TCA 30% peels in darker skin types. In my opinion, not safe, unless by experts like Dr. Pearl Grimes.
How do you determine which products you recommend? Lots of research and testing in real life.
Sangita – thanks for the heads up that Dr. Spencer’s office in Florida may no longer be open.