Amy, please have your doctor, or new doctor, call my office here in Seattle. Too complicated for blog. I’ll try to help.
Dear readers – I often answer questions in the Tips of the Week. Please sign up! :)
Becky – please call your primary care provider right away. These symptoms are likely due to something else!
Problem corners of the mouth..please see your doctor and get a culture ? staph or yeast?
Lumenis M22 problem – that’s very unusual.
Kerstin – can you see an endocrinologist about calcium imbalance, and your medications?
Hi April – please have your MD contact me. Too complicated for the blog. Best.
Med spa hand eczema-like problems – please see a dermatologist!!
Cataract removal. I DO think this causes a shock when you can really see your skin again. But it’s not too late.
To Iva..could your derm do a small biospy? Certain skin diseases look like rosacea but aren’t rosacea.