Cataract removal. I DO think this causes a shock when you can really see your skin again. But it’s not too late.
To Iva..could your derm do a small biospy? Certain skin diseases look like rosacea but aren’t rosacea.
Complications after a CO2 laser. Please seek a 2nd opinion at a major center near you. Too complicated for email.
Need a retinol similar to Retin A. See the retinol 1.0 by SkinCeuticals in our shop.
Lash extensions & removing make-up. Yes – go with the gels, but still check the label for oil
Phyllis…YES….a dermatologist could really help with these. Trust your intuition – it’s good!
Mar. No science on this, but niacinamide first, then AHA. Acidity of the AHA could degrade it.
Eyelashes falling out? Start with a dermatologist or primary care.
Andrea, HA fillers generally yes, but check with your rheumatologist first.
Claire – your daughter’s patient should go to the ER stat. An artery may be blocked!